4 Ways to Protect Your Home While You Are on Summer Vacation.

The arrival of summer marks the beginning of vacation season. Along with the excitement of planning a trip comes the responsibility of ensuring that your home stays safe while you are gone. Unfortunately, unoccupied homes are prime targets for burglars. Taking steps to safeguard your home is particularly important if your home is for sale and has been exposed to many more strangers than usual.

Here are some tips to remember for protecting your home from break-ins:

  1. Keep up the appearance that you are home. Newspapers on the driveway, a full mailbox, and the absence of lights on at night are clear indicators to criminals that no one is watching your home. Prior to your departure, arrange for a trusted friend to pick up your mail and newspapers, as well as any other fliers or deliveries that may appear on your property. Set timers for your lights and even TVs so that they are on at the times that you would typically be using them. If possible, have someone bring your trash can in and out for garbage pick-up.

  2. Do not leave ladders or other objects in the yard that could be used to access second-story windows.

  3. If you have a home security system, ensure that it is functioning properly and the decals advertising it are clearly displayed in the windows. Sometimes, merely giving the appearance that you have a security system is enough to make intruders think twice about breaking into your home.

  4. Exercise caution when sharing updates about your trip on social media. While it is tempting to think that only your friends and family have access to information you post on social media, it is possible that other people could see your posts. Consider waiting until you are safely home to share pictures and other details of your vacation.